Instructions of Mother Macrina

“Do not think. Gerontissa Makrina does not think she only prays…When you ask Gerontissa or Geronta something say, “May it be blessed”, no matter what the answer is. THE FIRST TIME GERONTISSA SAYS IT!! Always do the will of Gerontissa. Jesus had perfect obedience to the Father unto death, so shall it be for you:PERFECT OBEDIENCE TO GERONTISSA UNTO DEATH…” She was under the guidance of Geronda Ephraim of Arizona; her teachings mirror and reflect his–i.e. blind obedience is the essence and foundation of monastic life and how a monk performs his/her obedience determines the loss or salvation of their soul. According to Geronda Ephraim, “On Judgement Day, God will ask a monk only one question, ‘Did you do obedience?’ If the answer is yes, Paradise. If the answer is no, eternal hell.” (Homily on Obedience to the monks in Arizona, at the Gerontikon, 1998)

A hymn to the Theotokos


O great mystery!  On beholding His wonders, I proclaim His Divinity and do not deny His humanity.  For since He loveth mankind, Emmanuel hath opened the gates of nature, and as God He brake not the bars of virginity.  But thus He came forth from the womb, even as He entered through the hearing; He was incarnate even as He was conceived; impassibly did He enter, ineffably did He come forth, according to the Prophet, who said: This gate shall be shut and no one will pass through it, save the Lord God of Israel alone, Who hath great mercy.  (The Dogmatic of Small Vespers Tone 2—translation taken from Pentecostarion, Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Boston, Massachusetts, p. 105)


Instructions of the Eldress Makrina (1995+) of the Panagia Ogiditria Convent, Portaria, Greece 


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