Reply from Wisconsin to Paul Cromidas (David Golden)

Letter to the Editor

Geronda Ephraim in his younger years.
Geronda Ephraim in his younger years.

I am stunned by the letter written by Paul Cromidas. It is filled with innuendo and clear malice. Much of what he writes certainly appears to be based on nonspecific sources and unproven accusations. In  another time and place, I would think that the Elder Ephraim would have grounds to seek damages for defamation of character.

I have had the privilege on a number of occasions to visit three of the monasteries that the Elder helped establish. How anyone can find fault with Fr. Ephraim for blessing this nation with these islands of true Orthodoxy is beyond my ability to comprehend. These monasteries should be cherished and not denigrated. They constitute an important resource that is readily available to Orthodox people from many parts of the United States.

Has Mr. Cromidas ever actually visited one of the monasteries in question? I doubt it. Had he taken the time to do his homework before he wrote to you, he might have seen that there is no cause for concern, but rather cause for celebration.

David Golden

Jefferson, WI


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