Fire from the Holy Mountain (Geronda Ephraim of Arizona)

Before all the monasteries were established, Geronda Ephraim and Fr. Savvas would stay in the homes of lay people when they traveled to North America. They would give homilies, Geronda would do confessions in peoples’ homes, etc. Fr. Savvas had somehow come across Geronda Ephraim’s “Prayer Diary” and copied out a bunch of entries. In the early 90’s, he would read some of these passages to lay people (at least the ones that were “close” to Geronda and part of the “family”). In the mid-2000s, these diary pages were translated into English. Spiral bound copies of both the Greek and English are given to monks and nuns in Geronda Ephraim’s monasteries to “help them in their vigil,” “inspire them to pray and struggle,” and “to see how great a saint God has given us as a Geronda,” etc. Essentially, it’s also a way for the Elder to promote himself, without him actually vocally telling his subordinates, “I’ve seen God”,”I talk to God”, “I’ve seen the Father”, etc. For, the Elder gave the blessing for them to be translated, as well as the blessing for them to be distributed to all his monasteries.

Temptation of Christ



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