Conspiracy of Silence?


This year marks the 30th anniversary of Geronda Ephraim Koutsibou’s repose. Before the advent of the Internet, there was literally no information in existence about this hieromonk other than a few articles in Greek periodicals (which were limited prints), a few blurbs on some of Geronda Ephraim Filotheitis homilies to his monks, a few recorded chants and homilies. The late Geronda Epraim also wrote a book on noetic prayer which has been out of print for years. The majority of information that exists in circulation is oral tradition and hearsay. The majority of information about his death comes from two sources: the eyewitness accounts/newspaper articles of the time (which are non-existent now) and the driver of the vehicle, Ioannis Voutsas (now Geronda Joseph, Abbot of the St. Nekatrios Greek Orthodox Monastery in Roscoe, NY).
Now with the advent of the Internet, the few things of the Geronda Ephraim have been…

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