Geronda Dositheos, Abbot of Texas Monastery, Mentioned in a Book (2012)

The following is taken from Julian Chitta, IRS Secrets from the Nation’s Cash Register, Strategic Book Publishing, 2012, p. 156

IRS Secrets from the Nation's Cash Register (Front Cover)
IRS Secrets from the Nation’s Cash Register (Front Cover)

…That December, a wave of cold, arctic air, hit Central Texas and the temperatures dropped into teens.  There was frost and ice everywhere. In Texas, because no one knows how to drive on ice or snow, the schools and businesses close, as soon as they see a first snowflake. One night, the electricity was interrupted in the hospital, while the emergency generators refused to kick in. It got extremely cold. It was a pathetic scene to see how helpless everybody around was, without electricity. The only things still working were the emergency exit signs and the patient monitors with batteries. The power was restored after some six hours. That period of time was enough to throw me a curve. I got pneumonia with all its assorted symptoms: fever, shivering, water in the lungs.

Julian Chitta, Author.
Julian Chitta, Author.

I was placed on an aggressive antibiotic regimen and twice a day I would be rolled down the hall, into an operating room to undergo a “pneumothorax” procedure. The surgeon would insert the needle of an oversized syringe into my chest, through the side, between two ribs, and would extract water from my lungs. My ability to inhale and exhale, seriously impaired by now, was to be measured every few hours. There was no progress. I was placed on oxygen and my family was keeping their fingers crossed. It was under these circumstances that Father Dositheos, the Abbot of the “Holy Archangels” Greek Orthodox Monastery, in Kendalia, TX, came to take my confession and to give me communion. I was enraged. Everyone was thinking that I was a goner and those were my last rites. Not so fast! Reluctantly, I went through the whole religious thing.

Geronda Dositheos Maroulis, Abbot of Holy Archangels Monastery, TX
Geronda Dositheos Maroulis, Abbot of Holy Archangels Monastery, TX

About the Author

Julian Chitta, a retired electrical engineer and a former US Merchant Marine Captain, lives in Kingsland, a small Texas rural community, where he enjoys hunting and fishing. His motivation in writing the IRS Secrets was to impart critical information to the American taxpayer, the most important person in our political system. His respect and admiration for American taxpayers permeates every single page of this book, as he suggests practical ways to deal with federal tax problems and how to avoid them.

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