Dormition of the Theotokos Monastery in Cochise Stronghold, AZ (Updated with New Information)

In 2001, Metropolitan Anthony of San Francisco gave Elder Ephraim the blessing to establish a female monastery in Arizona. A 481 acre property was acquired in Cochise, AZ and the property was incorporated and approved on November 29, 2001 as the Dormition of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Monastery, Inc. The address is 437 N. Cochise Rd, Cochise, AZ, 85606

Hieromonk Nekatrios circled
“The Indians had all of AZ at one time & it was spiritual to all of them, but it didn’t stop AZ from getting built.” – Fr. Nektarios [circled]
Hieromonk Nektarios Arvanitakis is both the President and Treasurer, his younger brother is the Vice-President, and Dr. Constantine G. Moschonas is the Secretary. All 3, including Alex Trigonis, are listed as directors. (This link contains very detailed information, names and dates concerning the Monastery)

Alex Trigonis
Dr. Alex J. Trigonis, DDS, MS, brother of Fr. Arsenios (dentist monk at St. Anthony’s), is a director of the “secret” Monastery.


Fistaki Farms—where the delicious pistachios sold at St. Anthony’s in Florence are cultivated—is located at 1797 North Cochises Stronghold Rd. Cochise, Arizona 85606

Dr. Constantine G. Moschonas, MD, Treasurer of the “secret” Monastery.

In 2002, there was some opposition from the local Apache community and local residents concerning the building plans of the monastery which borders on land regarded as sacred by Native Americans. The following links are newspaper articles about the conflict:

Dormition of the Theotokos, 2006
Dormition of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Monastery in Cochise Stronghold, 2006

June 12, 2002:

July 04, 2002:

July 12, 2002:

July 18, 2002:

August 26, 2002;

The company has 4 principals on record. The principals are Alex Trigonis from Santa Barbara CA, Chrisanthos Arvanitakis from Florence AZ, Constatine Moschonas from Scottsdale AZ, and Haralambos Giannaris from Canada .

Elder Ephraim’s goal is to establish the same amount of monasteries in North America as there are on Mount Athos: 20. However, there has been a momentary hold put on building any new monasteries (officially, at least).


4784 N St Joseph’s Way
Florence, AZ 85132
DR. ALEX J. TRIGONIS DDS, MS (Vice-President)
1225 Belair Dr
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
8113 E Del Cuarzo
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
3803 Shera Bay Regina
Sask, Canada

Chrisanthos Dormition 1a
State of Arizona Public Access System 1
Chrisanthos Dormition 2a
State of Arizona Public Access System 2
Chrisanthos Dormition 3a
State of Arizona Public Access System 3
Chrisanthos Dormition 4a
State of Arizona Public Access System 4