The Top Conspiracy Theories Among Greeks

NOTE: The following article is taken from a now defunct website, Handling Greek Life.

In 2001/2002, the AZ monks  were passing around American Free Press newspapers explaining 9/11 as a Mossad/CIA psy-ops.
In 2001/2002, the AZ monks were passing around American Free Press newspapers explaining 9/11 as a Mossad/CIA psy-ops.

Greeks love them.  They live and breathe conspiracies.  The countless magazines on extra-terrestrial life, mysteries of life etc confirm the thirst of the Greeks for such subjects.  Not to mention TV shows such as those of Mr. Hardavela (not on any longer) and Mr. Liakopoulos.  Here’s a list of the most prominent conspiracies whose existence most Greeks take for granted:

“All Jews are rich and they control the world.”

Anti-Semitic Cartoon from Greek Newspaper
Anti-Semitic Cartoon from Greek Newspaper

This is one of many world-domination theories where the Jews are responsible for all things happening in the world.  The richest men in the world are Jews, they say, and even if they’re not, they are controlled by them.  They’re behind everything.  You name it:  wars, diseases, literature and art that the Orthodox Church does not approve of… it’s all their fault.  They’re trying to brainwash everyone.  I guess many Greeks imagine the most powerful Jews in the world getting together at meetings in order to determine what their next step will be towards world and religious domination.

Rothschild Cartoons. By North Utsire
Rothschild Cartoons. By North Utsire

[NOTE: In the monasteries, many monastics learn about “The Synagogue of Satan” and the secret history of “Jewish world domination” either directly from the superior and other monastics, or through the homilies they have on their iPods].

“Globalization – A New World Order”

Gary H. Kah's book made the rounds in the monasteries shortly after 9/11.
Gary H. Kah’s book made the rounds in the monasteries shortly after 9/11.

For some reason, the word “globalization” has very negative connotations among the common Greek.  For them, it means loss of national identity and, on a practical level, loss of job positions.  They get more imaginative than this, however.  Organizations such as the Masons and the Bilderburg Group push their agenda to powerful governments around the world, they say.  After all, the members of such groups are presidents of countries, tycoons, and media owners:  a mixture of people that can manipulate public opinion to serve their own interests.  The secrecy of such groups exert a kind of mysticism that’s enchanting to the average Greek.

Geronda Paisios would also talk about the Committee of 300 as a hidden hand in the New World Order.
Geronda Paisios would also talk about the Committee of 300 as a hidden hand in the New World Order.

[NOTE: Globalization/N.W.O. conspiracy theories are truth and not “theories” for many of the monastics as it falls in line with their worldview that the Jews will bring in the Antichrist as the one world leader 3 1/2 years before the world ends, i.e. the Second Coming.]

“Everyone is after Greece.”


The Albanians, the Slavs in FYROM, and the Turks are all after pieces of land in Greece.  Some maps from Albania show the “Albanian Dream,” which is the extension of their country the whole way down to Preveza.  Skopia, on the other hand, give out maps where their country extends to include all of Macedonia down to Halkidiki and Thessaly.  Of course, the Turks are the lifelong enemy… who knows what they’re after.

[NOTE: Geronda Paisios has said that the Zionists revealed a map of what the future State of Israel will look like: It includes Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, etc. He also stated that the Israelis plant false Judaic artifacts in Cyprus so they can later “find” them in archeological digs and have a claim to Cyprus].

An excerpt from a speech made by H. Kissinger in 1974 keeps feeding the fire of this conspiracy until today:


The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.


The leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church (as an institution), being a vital part of Greek history and conscience, feel that these “strikes” are directed towards them.  So, when there’s any talk or action towards the separation of state and church in this country, they start talking about conspiracies to break down the spirit of the average Greek and to annihilate this country’s history.  Therefore, several old-timers in Greece have linked the meddling of the Greek Church in state affairs with the survival of the Nation.

masonoi patriarxes

[NOTE: In the monasteries, many monastics learn about the long lineage of Ecumenical Patriarchs who were Freemasons, as well as other hierarchs and priests, especially here in America–i.e. Archbishop Iakovos, Metropolitan Evangelos, etc. Furthermore, there’s also AHEPA and other Greek masonic organizations that are frowned upon as working to destroy the Church from within. Kissinger is regarded as a war criminal, and his words are still repeated today in regards to Greece and “everything the dark powers are doing to cripple the nation.”].

“It’s in the air, the water… the fruits of the earth”

Chemtrail conspiracy theories are held as fact by many monastics.
Chemtrail conspiracy theories are held as fact by many monastics.

The masterminds of the world have decided to control us with chemicals that they inject in the water supply.  All of the fruit and vegetables are “poisoned” with pesticides that limit our intelligence and make us easy targets for a bombardment of propaganda.  Let’s not forget the white streaks in the air.  Haven’t you noticed airplanes spraying us with chemicals that leave long lines in the sky to make us dumber?  And all of those new viruses such as the swine flu and bird flu a few years ago… Everyone knows they were purposely released to reduce the earth’s population.

While the ring around Athos during Geronda Markellos' funeral was said to be a miracle by some, Geronda Paisios said it was a chemtrail because they knew all the monks would be gathered in one place.
While the ring around Athos during Geronda Markellos’ funeral was said to be a miracle by some, Geronda Paisios said it was a chemtrail because they knew all the monks would be gathered in one place.

Hmmm… to be honest, I believe, too, that the bird and swine flu scares are just ways to spread panic and for pharmaceuticals to make billions of dollars or euros.  Does that make me susceptible to conspiracies?  Or does it make me more open to the “truth”?  The view always differs, depending on where you’re standing.  “Truth, after all, wears a different face to everybody, and it would be too tedious to wait till all were agreed” (James Russell Lowell, American poet, critic, editor).

[NOTE: Many of the monks who fell ill with “Valley Fever” in Arizona had the reason explained thus: “The government purposely targets the monasteries with chemtrails. So, when the monks are digging in the desert, they dug up the chems/virus and made it airborne, breathed it in, and became sick.” This is one of the many ways the government has targeted the monasteries. The “dark powers do not want the monasteries here in America as they are a threat to the advancement of their plans. As well, thousands of people, who would of lost their souls if the monasteries weren’t here, are now being saved.”].


A dark scene inside a Masonic Temple in Greece. The human sacrifice lays straddled as a five point star on the altar. (Archim. Vasiopoulou, Jewish Masonry Unmasked, p. 181)
A dark scene inside a Masonic Temple in Greece. The human sacrifice lays straddled as a five point star on the altar. (Archim. Vasiopoulou, Jewish Masonry Unmasked, p. 181)

25 Years in an Eastern Orthodox Cult Part 4: Pulling Away (Elizabeth Ann)

NOTE: This is a woman’s account of growing up in the Russian Orthodox/St. Herman of Alaska/Old Calendar church. Since the late 90’s and early 2000’s, factions of this sect have been joining the canonical Orthodox Church under the Serbian Patriarchate, the OCA, and the Bulgarian Diocese.

A lot of time will be compressed here into a few paragraphs, mainly to accentuate the continued decline of family life because of the influences of this cult.

My family returned to New Mexico, and to Br. B. (now a priest.) I had a “breather” for a while, just under a year, actually; I used my savings to attend a local community college which was full of happy memories for me. Again, I maintained “crimson scholar” status, and I earned a scholarship and the first of my internships. There was much to look forward to.

My parents immediately became “established” as a “mission church” in Las Cruces, because there were no Russian Orthodox churches there, and they were still under the jurisdiction of Br. B. My little brother, now more fanatical than ever, built a kind of “chapel” in the GARAGE, which was a 2-car garage–he built it on one side. He made a flimsy wall, a thin iconostasis/curtain, and added a red rug remnant on the concrete. He kept priest’s robes, incense, and other items necessary for a full liturgy, for any traveling priest. Many, many strange priests and clergy came to stay at our house, and they even performed services in the tiny half of the garage.


My parents and brother would go there to pray at designated times, and during the weekends. The choking smell of too much incense would mix with the odors of gasoline, exhaust, and cleaning chemicals, making it an uncomfortable experience.

My precious little nephew, who was then about 2 or 3, began to be dropped off at our house in the afternoons so that his folks could work out their job schedules. (They had managed just fine before we came back.) But the main reason for this was #1) to get them to join the cult, and #2) to “expose” my nephew to as much church as possible. He would often be out in the backyard, playing with his toys or blowing bubbles, and my mom or brother, now a “deacon”, would grab his little arms and pull him into the “Chapel” for prayers and chanting.

It was dark and gloomy in that room, which didn’t even have a proper roof–there was a gap between the top of the shabby “wall” and the roof of the garage. The little boy would have to stand there (no sitting allowed) and have prayer books forced into his hands as he learned to read, being told what to chant.

Shortly thereafter, my family began to attend an Orthodox church in El Paso, which was kind of normal, and nicely ethnic. They had singing and celebrations and lunches after church. There my parents met a man who was ten years my senior, and they “picked” him for me, to marry. He was invited to our “chapel” and to “secret services”, which were Russian Abroad, or “old calendar”, held either at our home or at a house on the AFB.

To make a long, sad, story very short: I was convinced by my parents and Br. B. that this man was “my only chance”, and “God’s will”, because he was Orthodox. Besides, my mother told me, “no one would ever want someone like me.” Without getting to know this person well, I was married to him shortly after I turned 20.

Fr. Seraphim Rose
Fr. Seraphim Rose

After less than a year out in the Bay Area, attending over a dozen different Orthodox churches, most of them part of the Fr. Seraphim Rose/Russian Abroad/ St. Herman of Alaska bunch, I became very ill from overwork, fasting, and neglect. I was TERRIFIED of the man I was “married” to; he had lied to me about being a “virgin”, about his “past”, about EVERYTHING. He would sometimes grab my neck in a stranglehold, and laugh, watching me try to escape. I will say no more. He refused to eat, to talk to me, or even to touch me, within less than a month! I didn’t know any better, having been so isolated and starved for affection; and my health failed completely.

On another note, some of the young folks I knew who were part of the “St. Herman of Alaska” church in Sunnyvale, began to look into the idea that it was a CULT. I know I shared this idea with my parents on the phone.

Saint Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church sign, Sunnyvale, CA
Saint Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church sign, Sunnyvale, CA

One day, completely unexpectedly, my parents and brother showed up at my doorstep, saying they had each had a “dream” in which “God had told them to come and get me.” I remember little of what went on, but I found out years later that my parents had lied to me. They told their friends I had been “poisoned with arsenic”, and I found out that this was not true.

Some of my clothes were loaded in my dad’s van, and I was taken “home” to see our family doctor, a hematologist–who found out I had a very severe form of mono, with other complications.

Soon, as I lay in a hospital bed, the “marriage” was annuled, legally– but not by the “Church”. I had lost my health, my friends, my home, my savings, and even the clothes off my back. I had given up a scholarship and an exclusive internship with a senator in Washington, D.C., as well, to please my parents and marry. I was completely penniless and very confused. I was 21 years old. My mom forced me to sign legal papers, as I lay in a hospital bed; papers which gave them complete authority over and access to my medical and financial affairs.

I was ill for the next four years, back in the nightmare house which I had survived in my teens. My parents took me to various doctors, two surgeries, and then from natural remedy to natural remedy. I was forced to be “exorcised”, while laying in my bed, by a weird priest who always “saw his guardian angel in a mirror, sometimes dressed in a business suit.” Oh, and he sometimes saw this “angel” reflected in a television set (not turned on.) But he was a Russian Orthodox priest, and these men could do no wrong.

Guardian Angel

During my one year absence, my older brother and his new wife had been forced to be “re-baptized” at Dog Canyon, and had gone through all the other things as well: “re-marriage”, “exorcism”, and “chrismation.” They were given new names and identities, also. They had joined the rest of the family in donating time and energy to the building of the new “seminary” and “Hagia Sophia” church with Br. B., out in Dog Canyon. Their marriage ended. My precious nephew was taken out of that unhealthy atmosphere by his terrific mother, but it was a close call, as my parents looked into KIDNAPPING him for the “sake of his soul”!

And nothing came of the “new buildings” and donations, because everything was abandoned when Br. B. left for Phoenix, to begin another church, now under the “old-calendar Greek” jurisdiction. (Note: many of these cultic clergy, often former leaders in the Holy Order of MANS/Christ the Savior Brotherhood, would switch jurisdictions over and over again. )Almost all his “spiritual children” were left without their “spiritual father” quite suddenly; and in most cases, they just tried to go on with their shattered lives.

During the Gulf War, my little brother was so frightened of becoming 18 and maybe being called upon for military service to his country, that Br. B. had the abandoned building at Dog Canyon made an “official seminary”, with “real monks from Greece to be arriving soon.” (That never happened.) My little brother had a letter written to the proper government officials, stating that he was one of the “seminarians”, and therefore must be excused from any duty to his country. There NEVER WAS A SEMINARY. It was a LIE. I think that is the beginning of the lies which my parents and brothers began to tell regularly, with no conscience. If the church and the “holy fathers” and their “spiritual” guru said something was O.K., then it was O.K., even if it was by normal standards considered illegal or immoral. This cult stripped its followers of normal consciences, as well as any independent, critical, and rational thinking. In fact, my parents never would commit to anything thereafter, without asking a priest whether it was all right. The common phrase was , “We will see.” In Steve Hassan’s book, he observed: “Family members are frequently told by cult members that they ‘will see’ if they can come home for important family events like marriages, deaths, and even birthdays. What this means is that they will ask their leader.” (P. 103, Combatting Mind Control.)

During the next few years, my parents were able to convince my dad’s very best friend to “join” the church and he did so—even though he had given his life to Jesus Christ many years before, at an altar call (I was there!) He was a devout Christian. He remained faithful to this group, even after moving to Santa Fe. He even refused to be called by his old name, for the rest of his life.

Two tragedies struck this man, who was also a decorated American war veteran. First, he married a woman he loved dearly. But my parents were involved. She did NOT convert. Of marriages broken up: this was #3. Several more followed.

St. Juliana of Lazarevo Orthodox Church, Santa Fe, NM
St. Juliana of Lazarevo Orthodox Church, Santa Fe, NM

After several years, he was completely abandoned and shunned by my parents. He was not “good” enough to be part of the “true church.” When he lay dying, without enough money to even pay for his apartment, he asked both my dad and the Russian Church in Santa Fe for help. He was ignored by my dad. He died on the FlOOR of an overcrowded V.A. hospital, lying on a dirty blanket. My parents did not even acknowledge his death. You see, his parents had come from Mexico. This cult is as close to “white supremecist” in its teachings as you can get, and all “non-whites” are looked down upon. Hence, the reason that His Royal Highness Haile Selassie was not regarded as the “last Orthodox Christian emperor”–his church was considered “heretical”, as well as other African Orthodox or Egyptian Coptic or even some Syrian Orthodox churches are.

(I want to tell you something here, something I wish every person on earth would realize, because it is SCIENTIFIC FACT. There are no “colors” among people. Do you know why? We ALL have the same skin pigmentation–a chemical called MELANIN. Some people, some groups of people–families if you will–simply have more of this skin chemical than others, usually those who live in southern climes. What is the big deal?)

When I got back up on my feet, I found relief by going to a local Episcopalian church and singing in the choir. I celebrated Easter with them, apart from my family, because of the calendar issue. Really, there is no calendar in Heaven, as there is no time in Heaven.

But as I tried to pull away–and let me tell you here it took many years before I could even read the Bible again with a clear head–my family became more and more fanatical. They began to isolate themselves from even their old friends. Services went on constantly in the garage. More and more “conspiracies” were studied, which were “anti-Orthodox” or “pro-Western.”

Black Helicopters

At one time, the rage was the “black helicopters.” These were sent to circle houses of “believers” and they had some kind of special equipment whereby they could “listen in” on conversations in the houses below. They also could “put” electronic ideas into people’s heads at the same time. At the time my little brother was attending the local university, he was also studying these things heavily, as well as the “lost books of the Bible.” One morning, he woke up terrifed, and told us all that a black helicopter had told his mind to “get up and kill, kill.” My parents believed him. I was totally freaked out about him.

In the next few years, several more marriages were broken up in our family, mostly because my parents would not accept a non-white and a “non-Christian” (or “Latin.”) Such unhappiness. I began to dream about what life would have been like if they had just stayed German Lutheran, like the rest of my dad’s big family. For there were no family gatherings, no more Christmas trees, no more Thanksgivings or Fourth of July celebrations. The fights and screaming and yelling continued. More and more people were cut out of our lives, and I was not even allowed to invite a friend in to see me.

And when I was able to work a little, I took that money and used it on FOOD; I was not allowed to cook at home, nor make a meal for the family, nor go to a doctor of my choice. I was forced to eat whatever my mom had prepared, with meager portions and no seconds–so late at night I would go out to a wonderful Kentucky Fried Chicken and order a full meal, and that is how I began to gain strength.

I will end this blog in my last post. Till next time.

Geronda Dositheos, Abbot of Texas Monastery, Mentioned in a Book (2012)

The following is taken from Julian Chitta, IRS Secrets from the Nation’s Cash Register, Strategic Book Publishing, 2012, p. 156

IRS Secrets from the Nation's Cash Register (Front Cover)
IRS Secrets from the Nation’s Cash Register (Front Cover)

…That December, a wave of cold, arctic air, hit Central Texas and the temperatures dropped into teens.  There was frost and ice everywhere. In Texas, because no one knows how to drive on ice or snow, the schools and businesses close, as soon as they see a first snowflake. One night, the electricity was interrupted in the hospital, while the emergency generators refused to kick in. It got extremely cold. It was a pathetic scene to see how helpless everybody around was, without electricity. The only things still working were the emergency exit signs and the patient monitors with batteries. The power was restored after some six hours. That period of time was enough to throw me a curve. I got pneumonia with all its assorted symptoms: fever, shivering, water in the lungs.

Julian Chitta, Author.
Julian Chitta, Author.

I was placed on an aggressive antibiotic regimen and twice a day I would be rolled down the hall, into an operating room to undergo a “pneumothorax” procedure. The surgeon would insert the needle of an oversized syringe into my chest, through the side, between two ribs, and would extract water from my lungs. My ability to inhale and exhale, seriously impaired by now, was to be measured every few hours. There was no progress. I was placed on oxygen and my family was keeping their fingers crossed. It was under these circumstances that Father Dositheos, the Abbot of the “Holy Archangels” Greek Orthodox Monastery, in Kendalia, TX, came to take my confession and to give me communion. I was enraged. Everyone was thinking that I was a goner and those were my last rites. Not so fast! Reluctantly, I went through the whole religious thing.

Geronda Dositheos

About the Author

Julian Chitta, a retired electrical engineer and a former US Merchant Marine Captain, lives in Kingsland, a small Texas rural community, where he enjoys hunting and fishing. His motivation in writing the IRS Secrets was to impart critical information to the American taxpayer, the most important person in our political system. His respect and admiration for American taxpayers permeates every single page of this book, as he suggests practical ways to deal with federal tax problems and how to avoid them.

About the Book

Holy Archangels New building



TX Twin Sisters Estates

Ecumenism without a Mask (Archimandrite Haralambos Vaislopoulos d. 1982)

The late Archimandrite Haralambos Vasilopoulos was quite a prolific writer while he was alive. He was responsible for writing the Live of the Saints series—that set of little booklets with bright colored covers, some of which can be found in most Greek households. These books are still sold in the monasteries, however, his conspiracy books are no longer sold.

Archimandrite Haralambos Vasilopoulos wrote extensively about the Protocols, Zionism and Freemasonry.
Archimandrite Haralambos Vasilopoulos wrote extensively about the Protocols, Zionism and Freemasonry.

Besides his famous The Apocalypse Interpreted—which explains the connection between the Protocols, Zionism, Freemasonry, etc. and the coming of the Antichrist—he also wrote a series of booklets “unveiling” the secret conspiracies of the “dark powers” that war against the Orthodox Church:
• The Protocols of the Wise of Zion
The Illuminati Unmasked
• The Unmasking of Freemasonry
The Unmasking of Jewish Masonry
The Unmasking of Theosophy
The Unmasking of the Rotary Club
• The Unmasking of the Chiliasts

Does Magic Exist?
• The 52 Demons in a Deck of Cards
Monsters of the Dark Powers
The Espionage of the Jehovah’s Witnesses
Against the Antichrist
Ecumenism without a Mask

Orthodox Typos Pricelist from the aughties.

Against the Antichrist Series


This Greek translation of the Protocols, with the subtitle: "The evil plans of the Zionists that flourishes today," was sold for years in St. Anthony's bookstore.
This Greek translation of the Protocols, with the subtitle: “The evil plans of the Zionists that flourish today,” was sold for years in St. Anthony’s bookstore.

Most of the above-mentioned books were sold at one time or another in various monastery bookstores. But one of the most popular books on that list was Ecumenism without a Mask, written in 1972. The book is 285 pages. Here is a brief overview of what it contains:


In the 1st chapter of History of Ecumenism, there is a subsection entitled, Zionist Ecumenism, which also has two subsections, Freemasonry and Chiliasm. This section states that Ecumenism serves the Zionist plans for both the religious and political domination of the world. It quotes the following verses from the Protocols:

  • King of the Jews will be the real Pope of the Universe, the patriarch of the international church (#17)
  • What do they want with an angelic spirit in a king? What they have to see in him is the personification of force and power. The supreme lord who will replace all now existing rulers, dragging in their existence among societies demoralized by us… This Chosen One of God is chosen from above to demolish the senseless forces moved by instinct and not reason, by brutishness and not humanness…These forces have overthrown all forms of social order to erect on the ruins the throne of the King of the Jews… In the person of the king who with unbending will is master of himself and of humanity all will discern as it were fate with its mysterious ways. The prop of humanity in the person of the supreme lord of all the world of the holy seed of David must sacrifice to his people all personal inclinations. (#23, 24)
The Protocols of the Wise of Zion (Cover)
Jewish Freemasonry Unmasked!



Here there is a two page footnote explaining the history of the Protocols. It also refers to them as the plans of Zionsim for Jewish world domination and the destruction of Christianity; which are being fulfilled. Sergei Aleksandrovich Nilus, a Russian religious writer and self-described mystic states that the texts of the protocols were given to him in 1901 by Alexis Nikolajevich Souchotin, who died some years later as vice-governor of the Government of Stavropol. Sergei was responsible for publishing for the first time “in full” The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Russia in 1905. It appeared as the final chapter of his book The Great within the Small and Antichrist, an Imminent Political Possibility. Notes of an Orthodox Believer, about the coming of the Antichrist. Sergei Nilus also published the famous tract: A Wonderful Revelation to the World: the Conversation of St. Seraphim with Nicholas Alexandrovich Motovilov on the acquisition of the Holy Spirit. This manuscript would become one of the most oft-read Orthodox texts of modern times.

Sergei Nilus was a Russian religious writer and self-described mystic who was the first to publish the Protocols in full (1905).
Sergei Nilus was a Russian religious writer and self-described mystic who was the first to publish the Protocols in full (1905).


Fr. Haralambos quotes Protocol 15: “We shall create and multiply free masonic lodges in all the countries of the world, absorb into them all who may become or who are prominent in public activity, for these lodges we shall find our principal intelligence office and means of influence. All these lodges we shall bring under one central administration, known to us alone and to all others absolutely unknown, which will be composed of our learned elders. The lodges will have their representatives who will serve to screen the above-mentioned administration of MASONRY and from whom will issue the watchword and program.” He then write, “See, the Zionists themselves say the freemasonry is Zionist creation in order to hide their aims.”

He subsequently goes on to explain what is “hidden” behind the YMCA, Boy Scouts, Rotary Club, WCC, etc. He takes quote from many Masonic publications talking about destroying the Church and Christianity. He then proceeds to quote The Prayer of the Freemasons to Satan, found in Leo Taxil’s 1890’s book, The Mysteries of the Masons. Leo later admitted it was a hoax, though in Christian circles, it is taught that he was threatened and pressured to say that, but it really wasn’t a hoax.

Cover of Leo Taxil's book.
Cover of Leo Taxil’s book.


Fr. Haralambos explains The Role of the Jews in the Russian Revolution, stating, “It is proven that the Russian Revolution was the work of the Jews and Freemasons. Karl Marx, founder of Communism, was a German Jew. Lenin was the son of a Jew and a 33rd degree Mason. Kerensky was an Israelite. Out of the 22 ministers in the first Soviet government, only 3 were Russian and 17 were Jews. In 1917 , of 554 senior leaders , it is known that at least 447 were Jewish. The numbers speak for themselves about the dark role of Jewish Masonry for the eradication of Christian Empires…”

The rest of the book is full of conspiracy theories, Protocols, quotes, etc. Chapter 4 examines the WCC meetings that had occurred up to that point. He quotes from Metropolitan Vitaly of Montreal (ROCOR) concerning Ecumenism, WCC and Freemasonry. He quotes from Justin Popvitch’s The Coming 8th Ecumenical Council, etc.

Poster advertising the work of Leo Taxil.
Poster advertising the work of Leo Taxil.

He explains secularism in the Churches, modernism, hippies, Batman, Charles Manson, Anton LeVay, homosexual marriages, etc. as all part of this Ecumenist antichrist spirit, all created by the Zionists and Freemasons.

Fr. Haralambos writes: "Satan is presented as a protector (or patron) of small children. He has become the 'guardian angel' of many Americans." p. 191
Fr. Haralambos writes: “Satan is presented as a protector (or patron) of small children. He has become the ‘guardian angel’ of many Americans.” p. 191


The 7th chapter describes the Jewish creations over the last 2,000 years used in attempts to destroy the Church:

  • Crucifying Christ in 33AD.
  • Julian the Apostate’s attempt to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in 363 AD.
  • Fr. Haralambos claims that Islam was a Jewish creation orchestrated by the invisible Sanhedrin. He states that Mohammed was illiterate and born of a Jewish mother. Three of his women were Jews, one being possessed. His entire surroundings comprised of “Jewish Satanists (magicians, astrologers, occultists).” He then proceeds to explain how this conspiracy happened.
  • Communism was a Jewish creation as explained above.
  • Fr. Haralambos states that, “The Zionist Jews created one more antichrist monster, Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a half-Jew. His surroundings were all Jews, as well as, magicians, Satanists and occultists.” He talks about secret meetings of Hitler with a Jewish banker, Kurt von Schroeder, etc. Fr. Haralambos also has a photocopy of an English article, Who Put Hitler in Power?, published by Women’s Voice in 1956. Women’s Voice was a neo-Nazi publication with ties to George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party. (See, Women of the Far Right: The Mothers’ Movement and World War II).


The final chapter deals with the Uniates as the Pope’s Trojan Horse against eastern Orthodoxy. It details persecutions and martyrdoms in Orthodox countries; primarily the slaughter of 800,000 Serbian Orthodox by the Catholic Croatians during WWII.


In the beginning years of the monasteries, especially at St. Anthony’s bookstore, the monks would screen the books before selling them in the bookstore. This was done so nothing unorthodox or heretical would be sold by mistake. The fathers felt they needed to be thorough in this task because “lay people pretty much know nothing about their faith” or “lay people are simple and easily confused when it comes to doctrine,” etc. Thus, selling Fr. Haralambos Vasilopoulos’ books was not an oversight. They were systematically ordered because the monastery felt that they contained truths that were beneficial for the faithful to know and understand. His books “presented the Orthodox world-view” on how things worked in the world behind the scenes.

In 2005, after the KVOA news story broke, Geronda Ephraim gave the obedience to his monasteries to pull these and other similar books from the bookstores (i.e. about Zionism or Protocols). And from that point on, the monasteries’ response to any accusations was essentially, “We don’t believe in conspiracy theories, the Protocols, etc.” David Smith’s accusations were passed off as slander by a deluded and jaded ex-monk who was being used as a mouthpiece of the devil to unjustly attack Geronda Ephraim. This was the demons’ revenge and jealousy because so many thousands of people are benefitting from the monasteries and being saved.

Below is an English translation of The Rotary Club Unmasked

A Call from the Holy Mountain (Elder Ephraim of Philotheou)

Elder Ephraim’s joining ROCOR brought about one of the first translations of his work into English; thus making his teachings available to the English-speaking world of the West. Though the translation was done by someone who doesn’t speak English as their first language, this book was a best seller.

One can find a free pdf copy of this classic here:

In 1991, the year Elder Ephraim joined ROCOR, A Call From the Holy Mountain was translated into English by St. Sarov Press, Blanco, TX (this Monastery would later shut down due to a huge sex scandal; the abbot later committed suicide in jail). The first page states, “Printed with the blessing of His Grace Bishop HILARION, Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.”

Bishop Hilarion.
Bishop Hilarion.

The original text is a 1974 publication which the Elder wrote shortly after transplanting his synodeia to Philotheou Monastery on Mount Athos. It was written as an invitation for people to become monastics. At the end, Geronda Ephraim talks about the Antichrist, Ecumenism, Zionism and the Protocols. This would come to bite him later:

“…This pan-heretical alchemy [i.e. Ecumenism] is being inspired through the so-called World Council of Churches. We think that the term is not true to the fact, for it does not concern a World Council of Churches but a World Council of Will Worship. The only god to demand a tribute of worship there will be the fallen Beelzebub who through his representative amongst men, the Antichrist, will try to substitute his own will for the faith and worship of the true God. For in Ecumenism there is no personal God; for consistent ecumenists the doctrine of the Trinitarian God is utterly rejectable.

It is well known that the devil-instigated Zionism is coordinating two insidious operations both within and without the Church aspiring to one and the same end; to destroy the fortress known as Orthodoxy.

The cover of Arch. Haralambos Vasilopoulos'
The cover of Arch. Haralambos Vasilopoulos’ “Jewish Masonry Unmasked.” This book was also removed from monastery bookstores after the KVOA news story.

Papists, Protestants, Jehovah Witnesses, Freemasons, Unionists, Ecumenists and any other “root of bitterness” — all these have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for He is Lord of Lords, and King of Kings: and they that are with Him are called, and chosen, and faithful.” (pp. 42-44).

Of course, though the book itself is not about Zionism, the Elder does speak of the Protocols as a legitimate document, something that was very common among Greek Orthodox ecclesiastical writers and preachers during the 70’s, especially on Mount Athos . Geronda Ephraim’s statement is almost a direct quote from the writings of Archimandrite Haralambos Vasilopoulos who wrote extensively about Zionism, the Protocols, Freemasonry, the Vatican, Ecumenism and the Antichrist:

Geronda Ephraim has recanted his belief in the Protocols as a legitimate document.
Geronda Ephraim has recanted his belief in the Protocols as a legitimate document.

During the first few years of St. Anthony’s Monastery, when Vladimir/Fr. Symeon worked in the bookstore, A Call from the Holy Mountain was on the bookshelves. Most of Geronda Ephraim’s monasteries sold this book as well, at least until Counsels from the Holy Mountain was published. Around that time, St. Anthony’s stopped selling the book and Fr. Symeon stated that Geronda Paisios didn’t want it in the bookstore because Geronda Ephraim never gave a blessing for it to be translated. Keep in mind, though, that when this book was translated, Geronda Ephraim was in ROCOR and his Bishop was Hilarion, whom he was in obedience to as his hierarch. This same Bishop Hilarion, who didn’t need a blessing from his subordinate (Geronda Ephraim) gave his blessing for the book to be translated. Furthermore, the Greek edition had been out of print for years, and there were only so many copies published. Where did the Bishop get a copy of this rare booklet?

So while St. Anthony’s boycotted this book, the other monasteries still sold it. In 1999, a huge sex scandal of homosexual child molestation at the ROCOR monastery in Blanco, TX was made public, they also had a fake weeping icon that the monks rigged. After this, it looked really bad that Geronda Ephraim’s name was on a booklet published by this monastery. Some of the other monasteries sold photocopies of this booklet afterwards, but most distanced themselves from the association.

Now after the KVOA news story broke, Fr. Markellos was working in the bookstore, and the story changed to “Geronda Ephraim never even wrote the book.” However, he did, the writing style is the same and there was only one abbot named Ephraim at Philotheou who was a disciple of Elder Joseph the Cave-dweller.

Fr. Markellos worked in St. Anthony's Bookstore in the mid-2000s.
Fr. Markellos worked in St. Anthony’s Bookstore in the mid-2000s.

After the KVOA scandal, Geronda Ephraim sent an obedience to all his monasteries to pull any books that speak about Zionsim or the Protocols from their bookstores. And this was done. The obedience was given to all monks and nuns to respond with, “We don’t believe those kind of things” (i.e. Protocols, conspiracy theories, new world order, etc.), if asked by pilgrims. David Smith was explained off as someone with a lot of psychological problems who didn’t do obedience and became deluded and now the demons were using him to attack Geronda.

Ecumenism without a Mask. A 1972 book which explains the Protocols as the blueprint for destroying the Orthodox Church and the Zionist plan for Jewish world domination. This book was removed from the monasteries' bookstores after the KVOA expose.
Ecumenism without a Mask. A 1972 book which explains the Protocols as the blueprint for destroying the Orthodox Church and the Zionist plan for Jewish world domination. This book was removed from the monasteries’ bookstores after the KVOA expose.

It is said that at the New York monastery, Geronda Joseph made his monks pull all the garbage bags from the bin and go through each one carefully to look for a piece of paper that could potentially vindicate Geronda Paisios. Apparently, David Smith and written an apology but had sent it to St. Nektarios Monastery. Geronda Joseph didn’t know David Smith and threw it out thinking it was meaningless. The paper was never found.

NOTE: Archimandrite Haralambos Vasilopoulos wrote many books on conspiracy theories. He wrote about the Protocols being a legitimate document. He wrote that blood libel was true. He wrote that the “age old dream of the Jews was world domination.” He wrote that Zionists created Masonry, Theosophy, Chiliasm, Ecumenism, etc., as instruments to destroy the Church and help them obtain a world government to lord it over the nations. His books, though written in Greek, would contain photocopies of neo-Nazi literature in English (publications from The Cross and the Flag, Women’s Voice, etc.).One such book, Theosophy Unveiled, has been translated into English:

Also, though most of the books have been removed from the bookshelves, one can still order mp3s containing similar content about the Protocols being a legitimate blueprint for Jewish world domination and the destruction of Christianity, etc. from St. Anthony’s (as well as other monasteries).

The following are excerpts from the A12 Commentary on the Apocalypse by Fr. Athanasios Mitilinaios which were translated into English by a spiritual child of Elder Ephraim, Constantine Zalalas. It can be purchased in mp3 or book format from St. Anthony’s Monastery (as well as most of Elder Ephraim’s monasteries):



Rev. 2:9 – I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

“…Since these Jews failed to believe in Christ and became witnesses of the great advancement of the Christian nations, while they seemed to abide under a certain curse, they became extremely jealous and vindictive against the Christian nations.

The Lord prophesies this jealousy in the Parable of the Prodigal Son with the attitude, or psychology, of the older son. This older son represents the Jews who became very jealous when they saw the younger son welcomed, embraced and justified by the Father. The Prodigal Son represents the nations that distanced themselves from the true God and were losing the salvation of their souls—the great inheritance—to sin and idolatry. Now, God calls the nations.

Remember the historical evidence of this when Paul spoke to the Jews in Jerusalem and told them God sent him to the nations. As soon as the word ‘nations’ came out of his mouth, they were demonized, throwing soil in the air, ripping their clothes, and yelling to the Roman centurions, “Kill him!”…

The older son’s psychology towards the younger continues to work itself out in history. We see this in the lives of the Apostles. The Jews persecuted Paul everywhere he went. They conspired to kill him. These are the deeds of the unbelieving Jews, full of spite, guile, and murderous attempts…

Do you see the mindset of the Jews back then? In reality, they were demonized against the church; they were possessed by a murderous jealousy against the Christians…

The Jews created the Zionist Movement in order to deal with this frustration [i.e. that their Messiah has not come], which is nothing more than an attempt to take back their rights, punish the nations under the foot of which they were humbled as Hebrews of the diaspora, to hold their heads over the nations and to dominate all these nations…

This is a terrible reality. This is a very dark power with many tentacles which have spread out and embraces the entire world with the sole purpose to subdue and infiltrate the Christian nations mainly. My friends, these are not myths, this is not anti-Semitism, and we are not being prejudiced here…

Let us not forget that Chiliasm (Jehovah’s Witnesses), Freemasonry and Ecumenism are the works of Zionism and they are on their way to grip the entire world…

The Zionists have succeeded in fighting the Christians from within, to turn the Christians against one another, their faith and their own countries, etc.

The fact is, these people infiltrate the political systems of every nation and attempt to hold the economy of these nations in their hands—the stock markets, the government, the press and mass communications… The greatest newspapers of the world are in the hands of the Jews and they offer the news exactly how they want. This is the way they lord it over the nations and this can be seen very clearly in the Protocols of the Wise of Zion, a book published last century. By reading the content of the Protocols, one can easily see that their objectives and schemes against the nations have been fully revealed and met.

The Synagogue of Satan is the most appropriate description of these people because Satan is the one behind this synagogue. If one goes along with Satan, he becomes Satan.”

NOTE: The entire Apocalypse Series by Fr. Athansios is filled with many homilies that speak about International Zionism, Jewish Conspiracies, Blood Libel, Freemasonry, New World Order, and conspiracy theories in general. Though many Greek Orthodox Christians do not share these views, and some official leaders have spoken out publicly against such views (i.e. in the case of Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus’ anti-Semitic tirade in 2010, or in 2011/12 when Greek Orthodox priests were blessing the offices of the neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn), the views expressed above are held by many contemporary Greek and Athonite Elders and subsequently passed on to their disciples, both monastics and lay persons. Fr. Athansios Mitilinaios is considered the ‘New Chrysostom’ in both the spiritual and monastic circles of Greece. He is hailed as the most Patristic-minded and accurate commentator on scripture of the 20th century.

Αποκάλυψη – Ομιλία π. Αθανασίου Μυτιληναίου (12) Ἡ συναγωγή τοῦ Σατανᾶ. Ὁ διωγμός τῆς Ἐκκλησίας τῆς Σμύρνης. Ἐπαγγελίαι πρός αὐτήν. Προοίμιον Ἐπιστολῆς πρός Ἐπίσκοπον Περγάμου.

Αποκάλυψη – Ομιλία π. Αθανασίου Μυτιληναίου (17)
Τά Βαθέα τοῦ Σατανᾶ. Ὁ Μασωνισμός εἶναι ἡ ψυχή καί μυελός τοῦ γνωστικισμοῦ πού καταδικάζει ὁ Κύριος εἰς τήν Ἐπιστολήν του πρός τόν Ἐπίσκοπον τῶν Θυατείρων.

St Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery, Now Im On Psych Meds (Nikos from California)

NOTE: The following account is a testimony from a young man who lived as a sub-novice in Arizona for six months. It was written on November 21, 2008 and is found on a forum called Nikos writes a little bit about Scott Nevins near the end. This blog has elucidated on some of Nikos’ words with “[Ed. Note].”

For anybody that has read my posts, I now have documented evidence of the mind bending that went on with my life, all after doing a simple Google search.

It seems that I was involved with a cult that has not only gained National attention but Global, extending especially back to Greece itself, Mt Athos in particular.

I was 6 months in residence at the monastery when I left, I decided not to become a novice despite the attempts of my Hieromonk and elder monks to convince me to leave the world, not because I didn’t believe their doctrine, I was about as convinced as anyone there of the beliefs, but because I wanted to marry, I wasn’t being healed of my depression or physical pain and because I think some deep part of me knew to run.

This is a video I found of St Anthony’s as they were being investigated, I knew Fr Nikos from seeing him around a lot but I was friends with and worked side by side with Fr Paul (Pavlos) who was conveniently re-named, while I was there, apparently the same time as a lot of inquiries were taking place, I did not know of the controversy nor the inquiries at the time, I believed we called him Father although he was not yet tonsured since he was so in step with the monastery, like an honorary title, when he was tonsured he was given a different name, as is custom, but I know it is to further the disassociation with the self in hindsight…On to the video, it is cut into two parts and i included the link to a webpage because it also exposes the monastery as a cult and was my initial source for the video……

[Dead link; there is a back up site here:

Fr Paul, I decline to state his new name out of respect for his adult decision to become a Monk at St Anthony’s, became a quick friend to me due to his sincerity, his friendliness and the fact that before I became involved in the Eastern Orthodox Church I was training to become a Navy SEAL, and Fr Paul had asked for a discharge from the Navy while preparing to do the same thing, he had been a medal winning Swimmer in his high school and I think joined the Navy right afterwards….so we had common ground and that sparked many discussions as we labored in the blazing Arizona sun, planting trees for Jesus, intermittently reciting the Unceasing Prayer, Kyrie Iesou Xpiste Eleisov Me (Lord Jesus Christ Have Mercy On Me).

The other monk I do not know by face as its not fully bearded nor partly covered with a cassock in the picture shown, nor by name as that would have been changed (maybe I missed something)….I have my assumptions though, yet another close friend during my stay.

This is just an insight into my definition of cult mentality when I refer to myself on the forum here, I WAS THERE!!!!!! I lived the life.

I am going to continue to post as I find new information, as for know I would like to get the ball rolling.

This is tragic, truly tragic to learn, although the truth is what I want, and need.
For the record,

I too had face to face with Fr Paisios and was instructed by him and numerous others to use
I too had face to face with Fr Paisios and was instructed by him and numerous others to use “The cane” as it became known, beating the inner thigh with a cane or heavy wooden stick when Pirasmoi (Sinful thoughts) would not relent,

I was told the Elder Ephraim was taught this by his spiritual Fr on Mt Athos, Father Joseph (Papou Josef) and that one time Fr Ephraim had been plagued with pride and was found beating himself mercilessly with “the cane” in his cell, or a small church on the mountain. The story goes that he was heard to be confessing his sinful pride, beating the shit out of himself while at the same time screaming at himself to “Stop…STOP”, he continued on and was purged of pride and it has never returned to him to this day.

I began to use this practice of caning myself while at the monastery, I continued with it a short while after returning home.

I was also told that martyrdom would be my only salvation unless I was a baptized Orthodox Christian following the standards perfectly, even then I was told martyrdom most likely awaited all of us Orthodox….and that the monks and nuns would be the first to be eradicated by the government and so on. And even then, after death I would be taken to 20 toll booths where I could still fall and be dragged to hell by demons. St John Climacus created an icon depicting the saints ascending the ladder to heaven, while being surrounded by flying demonic presences, being pulled down at different points by failing.

One story that haunted me mercilessly was that of a monk who had died, passed 19 of the tolls and when he had done this looked at Satan and exclaimed “I beat you, you were defeated by me” which resulted in his being cast into the lake of fire for failing the test of the 20th toll, the test of “Pride”.

One story that haunted me mercilessly was that of a monk who had died, passed 19 of the tolls and when he had done this looked at Satan and exclaimed
One story that haunted me mercilessly was that of a monk who had died, passed 19 of the tolls and when he had done this looked at Satan and exclaimed “I beat you, you were defeated by me” which resulted in his being cast into the lake of fire for failing the test of the 20th toll, the test of “Pride”.

A MONK!!!!!! Who had devoted his life to Christ and left the world, living a damned near sinless life and working out his salvation to the extreme, wasn’t even safe after death…which by the way, isn’t pretty either, at death your soul is ripped and cut from your body by angels or demons, a myth is that it is so horrible the virgin Mary prayed to her son that she be spared this torment and so was granted to be taken to heaven by Jesus himself as he fended off the harvesting angels (demons).

These are the thoughts I deal with daily, to remove them from their etched position in my mind and heart……years and years of this stuff and i am about 5 weeks out of the box, 5 weeks into de-conversion.

I wonder if any of you had gone this far into your cult? If so please leave a testimony on this thread.

Someone asked Nikos: “I watched one of the news videos, and they said there were “improper teachings” in the monastery, but I didn’t really get what they were referring to. Do you know what they meant with it?”

There are so many…let me add a few I was taught off the top of my head:
• You’re abbot has become Christ for you, if you follow the abbot to the letter you fulfill your requirements as a Christian, if you have done anything wrong under the abbot’s guidance you will not be judged, he will

[Ed.Note: In essence, the only way a monk can err in obedience is by doing disobedience. Things that would be considered sins or criminal conduct, even ‘minor’ things like lying, white-collar crimes, etc. are not wrong if done under obedience. The elder is responsible for the order given; the monk is responsible and will be judged on whether he did it or not. Thus, an example of true discipleship is when a monastic does everything they are told without examining or questioning the command. This includes internally, as well. A disciple is obligated not to have any internal critical thinking or rationalization because these things are diametrically opposed to progress in the spiritual life.].
• If you disobey the abbot it is the same as disobeying god.
• The more you dedicate your life to Christ, the more accountable you are for your sins, thereby raising the bar hourly of whether you will make it into heaven.
• Married couples should live as brother and sister, only engaging in sexual intercourse for the purpose of conception, and having to confess the sexual act nevertheless as a “weakness of the flesh”.

[NOTE: Elder Ephraim has an Augustinian fronima regarding carnal relations. Augustine allows for two ways a person can have sex in marriage without sinning. The first is if the person is having sex not for pleasure, but to create a child. The other time Augustine explains one can have sex in marriage without sinning is if they are only having sex out of duty. Specifically, he is talking about a scenario where one spouse wants to have sex not specifically to have a child, but out of sexual desire. The spouse who wants sex in that scenario is sinning, but this is a minor sin. The spouse who only has duty sex however is not sinning. Given that Augustine says it is better to abstain even from pro-creative sex, unwanted sex for the sake of the marital debt is the only time a married person can not only not sin by having sex, but can also be doing what is best].
• The Aerial Toll Houses, after death you are ripped from your body to the astral plane and are questioned by demons for 2 days each at 20 levels, although this is a conceptual image of a spiritual teaching, it is basically 40 days worth of judgement, the 20 levels being the 7 deadly sins plus 13 extra variations. At anytime you may fail and be cast into the lake of fire. You DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE ORTHODOX LAKE OF FIRE….it’s the revelation of St peter but worse. Therefore the Orthodox pray for 40-42 days after the death of a baptized Orthodox Christian to assist them in their ascent through the aerial toll houses. Many monks even are said to fail these judgements and be thrown to perdition.

• The Elder can levitate

[Ed.Note: Many stories are in circulation of children seeing the Elder walking in the air. As well, there is the story about the woman who went to stab him in the confessional and he was levitating so she couldn’t reach him].

The Elder can levitate; the Elder can read your thoughts.
The Elder can levitate; the Elder can read your thoughts.

• The Elder can read your thoughts

[Ed.Note: This is one of the main things that make new monks and nuns tremble around the Elder; especially if they’re having sinful thoughts].
• The Elder has reached Theoria and already been perfected, he walks as Christ on the earth (this is gleaned but not actually said)

[Ed.Note: This is not gleaned, it is outright said. The writer was only a sub-novice and would not have been privy to inner circle knowledge, unless an older monk blabbed things he shouldn’t have].
• The Elder can bi-locate in order to check on his monasteries in different parts of the world

[Ed. note: In 2006, Geronda Ephraim was giving a homily to lay people in the Trapeza at St. Anthony’s Monastery. While his explaining this ability to them, he stated, “I’ve already left twice to check on my monasteries while I was talking, and you didn’t even notice.” One Geronda stated, “Geronda isn’t omnipresent like God, but he’s almost like God. He sees and knows everything that happens in his monasteries. He’s watching us and protecting us.”]

The Elder can bi-locate in order to check on his monasteries in different parts of the world
The Elder can bi-locate in order to check on his monasteries in different parts of the world

• The Elder’s prayers can pretty much guarantee you entrance into heaven

[Ed.Note: Furthermore, for the monks, Geronda Ephraim talks about a vision where it was revealed that the monks and nuns who stay with him until the end will be saved. Of course, there is still the clause of doing blind obedience and the other monastic duties, but if a monk and nun remains in the monastery until death, he/she are pretty much guaranteed salvation].
• You must confess your thoughts. Whereas most Xtian teachings condemn behavior and make mention of lustful thoughts and prideful thoughts….at the monastery you are to confess your every thought, good or bad.

[Ed.Note: Elder Ephraim has repeatedly told the story from Agapios’ Salvation of Sinners about the nun who was virtuous and seemed holy. After she died she appeared to her Gerondissa and told her she was in hell because she didn’t confess a thought out of embarrassment].
• I was taught that the day the Roman Catholic Church was allowed to hold mass in Constantinople, the Theotokos (Virgin Mary) who had been protecting the city from the Turkish invasion, left and that is why Constantinople fell.
• I was also taught that within the walls of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, where this occurred, there was a secret Liturgy going on hidden inside the walls, Turkish soldiers stormed in and as the sword was about to pierce the presiding Priest time was frozen in such a manner that special Orthodox who are completely gifted with the holy spirit have spiritually visited this room and seen over the centuries that there is a slight movement of the sword towards the priest, we were taught that when the sword strikes the priest time will unfreeze, this will be like the last martyr and this announces the reign of the Antichrist.

[Ed.Note: The marble king myth is not a teaching accepted or taught by the Orthodox Fathers. It originates in gnostic and apocryphal texts, and was taught to Geronda Ephraim by the bishop who ordained him. However, in some homilies, the Elder mentions he has seen it, or he gives updates on how far the sword is out of the sheath].

• Demons are everywhere, especially at the monasteries, since the world is already run by the devil.

[NOTE: Elder Ephraim claims he can see the demons walking openly among the people].
• I was told of a 3 month exorcism that took place and met the man who this was done to. I do not know if he was severely mentally disturbed during this time and brought back to sanity or what the hell happened because everybody backs up what they saw and heard, I am at a loss with this one, this was a biggie when I was there.

[NOTE: Broken telephone is a common trend in Elder Ephraim’s monastic communities. Essentially, a few monastics are sometimes called to hold an individual down during an exorcism but in general, exorcisms aren’t a “freakshow” where anyone can go watch out of curiosity or some pathetic attempt to validate their belief in demons. The monastics holding down the “demon-possessed” may witness some abnormal activities and share these details with other monastics. These monastics may then share it with lay people. Lay people talk about it with other monastics, or in the presence of other monastics, who may not be familiar with the incident. These stories get repeated and details of the narrative slowly start to change and become more fantastic. By the end, the stories are so far removed from the reality of events that they sound like fables: leg spasms become levitation; normal mucous emissions turn into abnormal, mutant neon colours that are “biologically impossible”; shifting a monk with their leg becomes lifted the monk off the ground with one leg; having a reaction when having relics (i.e. pieces of human bones or sometimes an entire human skull) crossed over their head turns into the demons were burning and tormenting the individual, etc. 
• I was taught that during this exorcism, many saints including Paul and Michael the Archangel joined in the exorcism fighting the demons within this man, but that the Elder’s Elder, from Mt Athos wielded the most power (no shit hah?). 
• Priests were “worldy” if they trimmed their beards
• Women should be avoided as they caused the fall 
• Women are blessed by the theotokos as she brought the Savior into the world
• Mirrors are forbidden

[Ed.Note: This stems from the teachings of St. Nikodemos On Guarding the Sense of Vision: “I beseech you, dear friend, have nothing to do with such vanity and condemnable pleasure. Have nothing to do with such mirrors. And if you happen to have them, please have them taken away as altogether improper for the Christian way of life.” This is why all the mirrors are covered in the monastery bathrooms. Also, monks or nuns who remove corners of this covering get huge canonas when they confess this sin-or if it is discovered first through the random cell searches the Abbot and Abbesses perform].
• Orthodox chanting and Classical music are only allowed (thank the lord I brought my Bach and Wagner)
• Wake up is at 12 AM, you are to pray and meditate performing prostrations and.or work until the morning service begins at 3AM, Liturgy follows immediately lasting until 7-8 AM then there is breakfast and work, lunch (trapeza) is around noon, then work, there is church again at 3 or 4 until dinner around 630 then compline service until approx 730, 8PM-12AM is quiet time.
• That’s about all I care to remember for now, I have to watch the video again, I thought it and the website offered more info.
TBH, there is so much in Orthodoxy that most ExCs here wouldn’t even know due to lack of exposure that I am probably passing over what are considered to be small scale erroneous teachings to them but outrageous to a protestant or Catholic in the first place…..let me find some links and I will post them as I can, believe me when I say the followers of Elder Ephraim do a lot within the church to stop members of the Orthodox Church from speaking against him, and not many non-orthodox know anything about him or the monasteries.
I believe I am moving forward and facing the past. I know my first few weeks of de-conversion, right when I started here on ExC I was very bitter and enraged, confused, frightened full of hatred and blame. I took a few days off from even talking about it, I think almost a week, which for me these days is a long time. I tried to find some peace, make some sense and decided to look towards solutions more than looking at the problems, I think I am doing well in widening the gap between the two. I also am finding moments where I feel a peace, just for a moment and I remember what life was like before Xtianity. And at other times I feel a sense of “now” that I can live with, it is my hope I can experience these moments for a longer duration. When I am in them I feel a distance from what I can only describe as living in a nightmare, and in those moments I feel the nightmare may be ending. I’m only a handful of weeks into the deprogramming state and its been a rough battle finding the proper information out there to help me as a guide, when you’ve thought one way about everything for so long, there’s nothing really to revert to, so I need a lot of outside stimuli.

So as far as leaving it all behind, I cannot learn from what I have been through and undo the thinking patterns I was taught, nor get out of it if I don’t know what I am getting “out of”, thus the search, the questions, the confusion.

I don’t hate the people at the monastery, in fact I have more love in my heaRt for the monks than anything, I don’t believe they know what is happening to them at all, and the ones that do realize or see what is going on are the ones stepping forward. I don’t want to blame them I want to see them for who they really are and the things they teach for what they really are.

They are of the nicest, caring, loveable humans I have ever met, and there is definitely a “presence” of some sort there at the monastery, it’s a very peaceful feeling, a loving feeling, it’s quite tangible, I don’t know how to describe it other than to say when I got there, I believed that to be “God”, and now that I don’t believe the same things I am hard pressed to define it, but whatever it is it is beautiful and they are a part of it.

Perhaps by a power or just the workings of nature they are rewarded for being such kind and loving people in spite of what they believe I do not know.

They have a leader and this leader was raised in Greece in a strong Orthodox home, I believe he went to live on the mountain of Monks at 19 and came to America in the early '90s, he's like 78 or so now, so he probably spent 40 years as an Athonite Monk,
They have a leader and this leader was raised in Greece in a strong Orthodox home, I believe he went to live on the mountain of Monks at 19 and came to America in the early ’90s, he’s like 78 or so now, so he probably spent 40 years as an Athonite Monk,

They have a leader and this leader was raised in Greece in a strong Orthodox home, I believe he went to live on the mountain of Monks at 19 and came to America in the early ’90s, he’s like 78 or so now, so he probably spent 40 years as an Athonite Monk, and they really have no outside influence except the select few daily visitors (all male) which are restrained by regulations not to discuss certain things anyway…so the man knows only this life, its like he’s in spiritual Flatland. He probably believes and practices what he preaches to the bone, but i am giving him the benefit of the doubt. The Orthodox Church has a pretty rigid hierarchy and he has people to answer to.

The abbot of the monastery is a different story, I felt he was very political rather than spiritual to be honest and he is one sharp tack so I wasn’t impressed by his evasive answers or his snobbery when I was in confession, but he did me no harm personally ever….that I know of.

[NOTE: Abbot Paisios is very political and at times he would get in trouble from Elder Ephraim who has repeatedly counselled him, “Stop talking about the Protocols, Zionists, Masons and New World Order”, etc. It’s not that Elder Ephraim believes these things are “theories”, he was attempting some damage control because the Abbot continued to discourse both laypeople and monastics on “Jewish Conspiracies” during the KVOA’s “Mystery Monastery” exposé in 2006. Though Elder Ephraim believes the Protocols of Zion is an authentic Jewish document and is being fulfilled with “mathematical precision”, he really doesn’t read that kind of material anymore and encourages his spiritual children to “focus on Christ’s plans, not the devil’s”. Contrarily, Abbot Paisios would often circulate various conspiracy books or periodicals to his monastics to read, anything from 9/11 being an US/Mossad operation to ISIS being a US-Israeli creation. At times, Abbot Paisios would also give homilies to some of his monks about the US Government fearing Geronda Ephraim’s monasteries and how they target the monastery properties specifically to spray chemicals on them from planes. This was also the “reason” he gave when many of his monastics became bedridden with Valley Fever. Apparently, the US Government sprayed something in the Sonora Desert and on the monastery because they knew Elder Ephraim was doing construction. This chemical was designed so that when the monastics were digging with shovels, the spore or whatever would be released and the monks would get sick. These kind of fear-mongering political sermons are usually ended with, “This is why we have to say the prayer unceasingly.”]

I guess what I am working through here is that I believe you are correct in that they are just as lost as I was, except the possibility of a couple of the elders, they are mostly all True Believers IMHO. So that is why these things need to be discussed and talked about, the controversies surrounding the monastery are also vehicles to bring these matters to the attention of the spiritual leaders of the Monastery and thus the “innocence” begins to wane and they become more and more accountable for their actions, so far there has been no change in the workings of the place, the last I heard while I was there was that when the Elder hears of people who denounce him or accuse him he claims that Christ will “Give me more crowns”….perhaps he is absolutely convinced and yet another pawn of this Religious structure……

Sorry for being so “long winded”, I have to really work through these things when I write of them and I want to be as accurate and open minded as possible because I want the truth and I share a responsibility to others reading this that I will not deceive them as well concerning these matters.

As for the positive things I took from the Monastery, the Byzantine Chanting is friggin’ awesome…the head Cantor was handpicked by the Elder and he is a master of sound, I used to refer to his singing as being “Not of this world” and I meant it, I would love to be able to find my St Anthony’s Vigil CD that they sell at the bookstore, it’s all in Ancient Greek, the words are written in English and Greek inside the jacket and if you don’t know Greek, it won’t indoctrinate you =)

BTW, here is what you get when you try to leave, or if you don’t believe the whole kit and kaboodle.…feature=related [dead link now]

Mind you this man is speaking for the entire Orthodox Church and he is not of the cloth, this isn’t Protestantism, this is the Orthodox Church, they go by the book, not going before the unbelievers, they try to keep everything “In-house”….I just found this youtube series and will be watching it and posting according to what I know, I know it will be a healthy way to separate the wheat from the chaff =) in my head

They Live Obey

This may give you some insight into the “Don’t think, just follow” mindset of Orthodoxy, as far as I know they are the strongest proponents in Christianity concerning blind obedience to the Clergy, I’ve never seen anything like it in Christianity.

… Women have very strict dress codes in many of the churches, depending on the Priest or the Abbott if it’s a Monastery and I’ve kinda seen them treated as “necessary functions” in the human race, instead of well…women.

I was told by the Abbot of St Anthony’s Monastery that marriage was only necessary in order to create a way for me not to sin, absolutely bewildered by what I was hearing I said “If nobody had sex, the human race would end, in fact it would have ended before Christ could be born..IN FACT Christ’s mother wouldn’t have been born in order to bear Jesus, so I don’t understand”…I was told that the necessity for sexual relations occurred at the fall, when I asked “Then how could Adam and Eve be fruitful and multiply?” I was told that it would have been done without sexual intercourse. I said “How?” and I was kinda scoffed at and told “God is God, He can make a way for life to be reproduced without sexual relations, don’t ask me how, I don’t know how because we never made it that far so we have no way of knowing”……

I was like ….UHHHHHHH????

The Orthodox, like the Catholic Church allow no women to be clergy, only the exception of female monastics in higher ranks than the common nun, in any other case they are forbidden to teach.

Im sure there are exceptions as this is a worldwide organization but this is the general rule.

Men are over women, as Paul stated, they go by the book on that one.

And they are treated with respect, mind you, but there is a lot of unspoken rules and regulations concerning this, but here in America it pretty much remains unspoken, but the general answer you will get when asking about a woman’s status is that she is less than the man and that Woman brought sin upon the man.

Now the reason I put the statement about the Theotokos in Juxta-position to that is going to be something unknown to you unless you had been in these circles, so I apologize again for not being clear, like I said, I was in this so long I sometimes forget what is and isn’t “normal’ in mainline Xtianity.

Besides God, the Theotokos is THE MOST VENERATED SAINT, but they claim so much more knowledge and revelation about her…to be honest, this is the one part of discussing this that makes me uneasy, I always have and still do have love for the idea of Mary, and my daughter who passed away was named after her because of the love I was given for her while Catholic (Never confirmed, only went through Catechism partially), and then more so in Orthodoxy, she is probably the most overwhelming Archetype for me due to personal reasons.

In Orthodox Iconostasis you will always find Jesus, the Saint the building or site is named after and an icon of the Theotokos. And the emphasis about her is due, considering the belief that God brought salvation into the world through a human mother…they go into great detail about her life and how she was THE ONLY WOMAN who could have bore the Christ child, so in that sense you would get the impression that they see women as equals or even as greater like we see in some cultures and religious practices, but you don’t get that, you get the dirty, sinful, necessity of the woman in order to produce children.

I have never seen women treated cruelly though, it’s just an underlying atmosphere of women being less than men, and some off the wall shit from certain people that make them look like they almost shouldn’t exist….I’m guessing the Abbott had something in mind like that movie where Arnold was pregnant.…CREEPY.

Hope that clears that up…yes it is a contradiction.

I also saw in many cases where women were respected very much so it’s all about who’s doing the teaching and what church you are in…it’s not written in stone exactly, it’s one of those things you pick up when you’re amongst them.
…In Orthodoxy you don’t get personal opinions on the true gospel, you join the Orthodox Church only if you swear to adhere to the teachings of the church, if you don’t believe their version of it then you don’t become a member, so I am guessing that you can have two improper views this way

An improper view within Orthodoxy being contradicted by the Monastery and Improper according to a personal belief of anybody that doesn’t believe the gospel according to the Monastery, but what is in question amongst the Orthodox who are saying this is former, the monastery is deviating from what the Orthodox church teaches, therefore if the Lady is orthodox, she has it within her stance as a baptized member of the Church to cite Canon law against the teachings of anybody within the church, in this case the Monastery.

… the Eyewitness news reporter “For the past 8 months, the Eyewitness News 4 investigators have been documenting several families claims of brainwashing and inappropriate teachings at St Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery…..” … she’s reporting on THE DOCUMENTATION OF SEVERAL FAMILIES CLAIMS OF BRAINWASHING AND INAPROPRIATE TEACHINGS AT ST ANTHONY’S GREEK ORTHODOX MONASTERY.

She’s reporting on the claims of the 3 families. She later stated that 3 families had come to them, 2 of which are Greek Orthodox, this would be the families of Nikos Pantanizopoulos and Paul Aleck.

The Orthodox families are part of the Church proper, so they can state that the teachings of the Monastery are inappropriate in both ways, any way that is dehumanizing to their child, and in the realest sense, inappropriate as determined by Orthodox Canon Law. The reporter never spoke for her own opinions, she is speaking on their behalf, and speaking OF THEM.


The other father, the non-Orthodox can certainly find out what Orthodox proper teaches and ascertain that his son is being taught inappropriate teachings according to the Orthodox church simply by speaking with clergy on the matter, and again, his son is beating the shit out of his thigh with a wooden stick for having imperfect thoughts, believing in the aerial toll houses where the demons are judging the souls of baptized Orthodox Xtians, being taught that the Elders of Sion are plotting against the Monastery and the Orthodox Church etc., etc.

Again, she isn’t taking a stance, she’s speaking on behalf of the families….Also, inappropriate isn’t judged by 30,000 denominations, the Orthodox Church doesn’t even consider Protestants to be Xtians, they consider them heretics, schismatics, a Protestant must go through Catechism and baptism, including an exorcism before becoming Orthodox, they believe that only the Orthodox Eucharist is truly the body and blood of Christ due to their sole claim of Apostolic Succession and their belief that the Holy Spirit doesn’t bless the Communion of the schismatic Roman Church, in their eyes the Protestants are completely lost and know nothing of the Gospel and need to find true salvation though the Orthodox Church, and the Roman Catholics were a Patriarchate until 1054 AD when the final blow, the Filioque clause was added to the Nicene Creed and the Patriarch of Rome and the Patriarch of Constantinople Ex-communicated each other, later the land of Rus was brought in to create the missing 5th Patriarchate and in their eyes Rome is worse than being a Protestant.

They don’t care about any gospel but the Orthodox gospel, anything they deem as inappropriate is deemed so by looking into their own Tradition and Teachings collected over the past 2000 years and if it is out of whack then it is labeled heresy and is worthy of ex-communication.

They are so strict and rigid for a reason, they are in no way like the Protestants who have now come up with 30,000 sects in 450 years. They don’t believe in the inerrancy of the Bible, they believe in the inerrancy of the Orthodox Church, in their eyes, the Xtians wrote the gospels and epistles, passed them through Apostolic succession until the council of Nicea and the Orthodox Church voted on the Canon of scripture, the Orthodox Church preserved it through the ages by copying manuscripts, spreading the gospel and by shedding the blood of the martyrs to preserve the faith, right on through the Great Schism with Rome in 1054, through the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, right up to this very day….There is no Sola Scriptura or Sola Fide, there is Ortodoxon Xristianon.
BTW I just realized who Scott Nevins is, the non-Orthodox convert.

I was at the Monastery when he came back from Mt Athos, that’s when I met him. He was made a novice while I was there…holy shit..we sat for hours on end telling stories about the Xtian life and about becoming monks, he lost so much weight it was frightening during the 49 days of fasting in Lent, thats why they make special mention of his photographs. He took on this real brooding appearance, began to walk in a hunched posturing for humility or something, barely ate, shit he cut out tomatoes, potatoes and peppers because the man that was supposedly exorcised there for 3 months said that since those food belong to the nightshade family they are neuro-toxins, which they are, AT TRACE LEVELS, so he had to eat even less of the little food allowed for thos entering the novitiate or the rest of the monks AND it was during Great Lent with all the food regulations, he got real pale and gaunt, he was dragging his boots as he walked, none of us knew he was entering the novitiate, he kept that to himself, out of humility I guess….I never understood why he thought that. Then one day he was a Man In Black.
Feel free to visit anytime, just call ahead to reserve a cell, ask for Pater Markellos, he’ll do you right up

Kyrie Iesou Xpiste Eleisov Me
Eper Ayia Theotoke Soson Emas.

Click on the little doo wah ditty button on the left for a sample of their chanting, the best thing to come out of that place…….
Tais tov tha criov sou roes….

I was just checking this thread to find the Youtube link to my Home Church priest, see I had a home Church cult and then the Monastery, so I actually left 2 cults at the same time, one is Antiochian Orthodox and the other was the Greek Orthodox, they are both in communion so there was no qualms about me having the Ant. as my home base church and also become a Greek Orth. monk.

Back when things were real bad, while I was a catechumen the priest-monk told me not to seek medical care in certain instances, I was pushed away from seeing a psychiatrist or even any counselling. I was told that the Nous, the eye of the soul which is the power, the I in Greek understanding was energetically destroyed and fragmented, that Satan had 100% rights over me and that I COULD NOT become psychologically well until baptism, they dangled baptism over my head for more than 3 years, I was forced to confess many sins that were committed due to my physical and psychological imbalances then had the cure withheld from me, by telling me not to seek secular help as well as not baptizing me.

So I was basically being broken down on purpose.

It was officially confirmed that I needed an exorcism of my house, and my home priest never even got around to doing it, a priest in a neighboring city came by to perform the rituals. I was told by my priest-monk that the Elder of the monastery wanted me to be so spiritually strong that I could be sitting in my house with things flying around the room like in the movie Poltergeist, and sit without being affected and be able to repeat the Jesus prayer non-stop, I was told by my priest-monk that this was my spiritual goal. Therefore the exorcism was done by my request in secret at my home base.

So I was being told that on the one hand I was to become a spiritual warrior and NOT have the proper Orthodox exorcisms and cleansings and be immediately baptised to protect me…….then I was being told that I had absolutely no power to do so because of the condition of the Nous before baptism.

I was told all psychological problems were to be spiritually healed, yet I was denied the healing which is Exorcism of the Catechumen, denouncing Satan, having hands laid on, being baptized and born of the spirit immediately aligning the Nous, then receiving the “True Eucharist”, the body and blood of Christ which would absolve me of every single sin committed, all this on the day of baptism.

In fact talking about it now, my mind is saying “You are deceived, you are now in the dark, you were so close and you blew it….” That’s how powerful they made my becoming Orthodox seem to me.

For years I was enticed with what would happen at that event, how i would become alive from the dead.

I was told so many stories of miraculous baptisms, the Orthodox pride themselves concerning their spiritual powers…I was told numerous miracle stories about first communion, that the neophyte would experience total catharsis as well as euphoria, I was told that at baptism I would be absolutely in touch with god until the first sin committed after baptism, which would begin the cycle of sin/confession/absolution/communion. The stories of baptism are so amazing that many plan ahead to go and be alone somewhere for days and weeks after baptism in order to retain the full blown connection with God, pray for all their needs at this time and they would be answered, read books and know their meaning, read scripture and be instantly enlightened. I was to be baptized at the Monastery when the time came and was to spend weeks alone in my cell with pre picked books, audio tapes, CDs and food brought to me.
As I have found out how much psychological damage was done to me now that I have learned what it was they were doing and teaching and how it affected me, I am trying to find a specialist in de-programming….to be honest, I am going to post this but I am sure i will have to EDIT a lot of it later today, I can actually feel my mind fighting itself and becoming confused.

I am willing to bet this entire post is fragmented and hard to follow…I can’t get my thoughts straight, the words aren’t coming out the way I would normally be able to.

I am going to post it as a testimony to the power of the brain washing and finish it up later, hopefully it made I have sent numerous emails to the monastery and have received no replies

As far as I know, they know nothing of my de-conversion, these attempts to contact them were made over the last year, I think that they somehow got wind of me telling my home priest to shine on and have labeled me a paraya (sp?).

I think I am going to get a professional involved as well as contact the media who have already looked into the problems there, I want some closure and I want my voice heard.

I want to be able to put this behind me and I can’t do that without making my story heard, they need to know and I need to know that they know. enough sense for you to understand how much control they had over me.

In 2011, a lay disciple of Geronda Ephraim, using the name zealot777, posted the following: “Saint Anthony’s Monastery is in perfectly good standing with the Greek Archdiocese and World Orthodoxy as a whole. There is nothing cultic about them. If they were operating in an independent fashion outside their jurisdiction, yet claiming to belong to it, then I might have some concerns. But everything they do is Orthodox. The author of this thread is probably just unfamiliar with the Orthodox ascetical lifestyle. I have visited the monastery twice. They’re wonderful people. That the author is now on psych meds, does not prove the monastery is to blame.”

Chikirin responded, “We are ex christians therefore we believe all of Christendom is a cult (at least I do any way)”

And a moderator reiterated the forum rules: “Christians are not allowed to evangelize or debate their beliefs in the Testimonies Forum. The Lions Den forum on this site is open for that. Please carefully read and respect the rules of this forum before posting in here”
The forum is now locked.