Greek Orthodox Monastery of the Theotokos the Life Giving Spring, Dunlap, CA (Panos Fiorentinos)

Professional 3D Architectural Models by Panos Fiorentinos

Color Presentation for fund raising & client understanding. Scale 1/16″:


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Panos Fiorentinos has also published a book: Ecclesia: Greek Orthodox Churches of the Chicago Metropolis

Ecclesia: Greek Orthodox Churches of the Metropolis of Chicago This handsome volume presents a comprehensive documentary review of parishes across the Metropolis of Chicago. The richness of the Greek-American experience comes alive in this diverse offering of personal stories, beautiful full-color photographs and introductory articles that explain in the internal structure, symbolism and significance of church interiors and designs, as well as the communities that brought them into existence. This book is a sure conversation starter, appealing to those who have never been into an orthodox church, as well as those who want to share their faith with their friends and relatives. Fiorentinos’ photographic journey through the entire Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago encompasses six states—Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin—containing 59 churches. Through more than 400 of his richly-colored photographs, he captivates the reader with the unique beauty and rich tradition of the Greek Orthodox Church as developed in these communities over the course of more than 100 years. Based on personal interviews with dozens of priests and parishioners, the establishment and growth of these churches are documented for the first time in one place. In addition to showcasing each of these churches through photographs and text, ECCLESIA provides context through scholarly essays on the Greek Orthodox Church’s architecture, fundamental beliefs and history, as well as the meaning of its icons and symbols.

Book review:


Holy Monastery of the Theotokos, Dunlap, CA (CKJ Design)

The late Metropolitan Anthony and Geronda Ephraim
The late Metropolitan Anthony and Geronda Ephraim

The Holy Monastery of Theotokos, the Life-Giving Spring, is located on a plateau high in the Sierra Nevada’s near Kings Canyon National Park.


The monastery master plan calls for the structure to be developed as a walled city, creating a protective, stable, and permanent sacred space within. The Convent is zoned into three general areas within the secured, fortified perimeter. The public area consists of facilities such as visitor center, store, the hospitality/reception areas, convent offices, priest quarters and the archontariki or visitor’s quarters. The northern segment of the convent is cloistered: only the nuns and authorized visitors and workers can enter this area. This area consists of the nuns’ living quarters and work areas. The katholikon or main church is the focal point, heart and center of the Convent. It is the pivot and connection point of all the areas of living and working for the sisters. The katholikon is a domed cruciform church based upon the Athonite model and includes a liti (an area between the narthex and the main church used for certain monastic services), the nave, soleas and semicircular shaped excedrae as north and south choirs, the iconostasis and altar area. Christ Kamages also by the request of Metropolitan Anthony design his final resting place.


The fusion of the Holy Spirit and Our Architect’s Genius has created a most magnificent sacred place which serves and transforms all who experience its beauty… – Metropolitan Anthony of Blessed Memory