After a Discussion about Elder Ephraim with an Abbot of a Monastery (December 24, 2010)

Elder Porphyrios said: At the end of his life, Elder Ephraim will be the only person who will deposit healing.1

Geronda Ephraim leaning on a headstone.
Geronda Ephraim leaning on a headstone.

He will be the saint of humility.2

The Jews want to kill him. So, they sent a woman to confess and gave her a knife with poison. And you only have to touch him and the Elder will die. So the girl went to the monastery and after waiting 5-6 hours, she entered the cell to confess and supposedly the following event occurred: As soon as she went to confess, the Elder was not in the cell. She looked left, she looked right…nothing. She didn’t see the Elder. She looked here, she looked there…nothing. The Elder was hovering high above at the ceiling. He looked at her sternly and told her to throw away the object that was in her hands. Afterwards, she narrated her entire life from her childhood years. The Elder told her the following: Do not mention anything you saw until my death. However, after she left the cell, she narrated everything to everyone, about the holiness of the Elder.3
Elder Porphyrios said: Elder Ephraim will do a great work because he did complete obedience to his Elder, Joseph the Cave-Dweller.
Elder _______, narrated: Once, Elder Ephraim, his disciple and a Metropolitan were found together in the same car. The Metropolitan vulgarly insulted Elder Ephraim non-stop. Elder Ephraim did not speak at all. When the disciple got out he asked the Elder why he did not respond to the Metropolitan. The Elder told him that he is the bishop and we do obedience to him. A man of complete humility and obedience. May we have his blessing.4

Geronda Ephraim and the late Fr. Savvas Filotheitis.
Geronda Ephraim and the late Fr. Savvas Filotheitis.

A Testimony about the Monastery of Saint Anthony in Arizona:

The following was narrated by a Christian Orthodox parishioner of the area and frequent visitor to the monastery that Elder Ephraim the Filotheitis founded.

When he was to build his monastery, Elder Ephraim began to go to the desert of Arizona. Then he heard bells, and then told the driver to proceed as far as he could into the desert. So he continued to hear the bells that the others could not hear. They went deeper into the desert, several kilometers into the depth of complete desolation. When the Elder arrived in an area that was close to the center of the desert stopped hearing the bells. Then the Elder said, “Stop. We will make our monastery here.” So, they built the magnificent monastery in the desert of Arizona.” Works that people start and Christ finishes. Wondrous is God in His saints. Amen.

St. Anthony's Monastery in the Sonoran Desert.
St. Anthony’s Monastery in the Sonoran Desert.


1. This statement can also be used to “validate” the monks and nuns who say that Geronda Ephraim is not only the holiest man in the history of the Orthodox Church, but also the last of the saints, “Who will there be after him? No one has reached, nor will be able to reach the spiritual heights he has.” Geronda Ephraim has also told his abbots and abbesses on more than one occasion, “Woe unto you when I am gone!” A very cryptic and enigmatic saying.

2. When Geronda Porphyrios and Geronda Paisios were alive, they are said to have frequently criticized Geronda Ephraim and Elder Joseph the Hesychast. In 1998, the Abbots of Geronda Ephraim (Frs. Paisios (AZ), Dositheos (TX), and Joseph (NY) had a meeting and agreed to boycott the books of Geronda Paisios and Porphyrios from their bookstores due to all the problems they gave Geronda Ephraim in Greece, as well as all the things they said critically about him. Furthermore, Geronda Paisios book, Athonite Fathers and Athonite Matters, does not even mention Elder Joseph the Hesychast once. The boycott seems to have relaxed at some of the monasteries as they sell both these Elders’ books now. Not to mention, Geronda Joseph’s monastery in New York has distributed two of Geronda Paisios’ books, Epistles and Elder Paisios of Mount Athos. Now, with the numerous books being translated into English, and the growing popularity of these two Elders in North America, the disciples of Geronda Ephraim are telling pilgrims about all the positive things these Elders said about Geronda Ephraim and Geronda Joseph (and of course, omitting the negative). However, none of these praises of Geronda Ephraim or Elder Joseph the Hesychast appear in any of their books (not to mention, not all the books written about these two Elders are “validated” by their disciples). These praise “quotes” come from the same mouths that just 15 years ago, were talking about how much Geronda Paisios and Geronda Porphyrios fought and spoke out against Geronda Ephraim, and how jealous these two Elders were of Geronda Ephraim, and how much difficulty the two Elders gave him.

3.  In some accounts, the girl is a Jehovah’s Witness. Though, considering the monastery’s teaching that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are a Zionist creation, are funded by the Zionists, and serve the aims of Zionism, then perhaps one can say that it was the Jews…(see Αρχιμ. Χαράλαμπος Βασιλόπουλος, Ο Οικουμενισμός χωρίς μάσκα, 1972, pp. 45-48).

4. This incident was recorded secretly and is found on the “Secret Archive/Μυστικό αρχείο (of Elder Ephraim)” series compiled by Fr. Savas Filotheitis of blessed memory. Unfortunately, when Geronda Ephraim learned of the existence of this DVD, he ordered the abbots and abbesses to take back whatever copies they had given to their monks and nuns. The information this series contained was too sensitive and incriminating as Geronda Ephraim speaks very freely about the Patriarchate, bishops, priests, about certain monks in Philotheou, joining ROCOR, etc. As well, there are recordings of bishops and priests who didn’t know they were being recorded saying incriminating things.

Geronda Ephraim liturgizing with his abbots and priest-monks at St. Anthony's Monastery.
Geronda Ephraim liturgizing with his abbots and priest-monks at St. Anthony’s Monastery.